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Kathleen Carmody

20 North Street Suite F

Dublin, OH 43017 


After years of working in the gerontology field, Kathleen Carmody established Senior Matters. Kathleen owns and operates Senior Matters where her passion for helping the elderly with their personal care is evident. This passion was borne at a very young age as Kathleen helped care for her grandmother as she aged.

Kathleen was selected by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

for their Life Reimagined Award. This honor allowed Kathleen to travel to see

her ancestry country of Ireland. This sentimental journey reminded Kathleen

how important it was for the elderly to keep their independence for as long

as they are able and that she loved to learn from the wisdom of the elderly.

Senior Matters is an independent service company and will never be

associated with a franchise. Kathleen feels that being closely involved with

not only the management but the personal care of her clients ensures that

the service Senior Matters provides is outstanding.

Senior Matters continues today with steady growth through, primarily,

word-of-mouth. This is a testament to the quality service the company

provides. Senior Matters believes in giving back to the community and

at all times has at least two lower income clients that are being assisted

at no charge. The company also has a “Lending Program” for all seniors in need of durable medical equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs for short term or long term use. Senior Matters provides truly personal, flexible and dependable service at all levels of senior care.

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